While it is hard to get a song to anyone these days some, usually Nashville Publishers want a polished demo made in Nashville to even take it in their catalog. Some people will want a raw demo and tend to turn down the polished, over polished demo, usually producers seeking songs for an Artist they are producing. I have had requests for more songs with just my own Guitar/Vocal. If you have what they are looking for, the demo will make little difference. I used to worry of how good my demos were. While there is practically no place to pitch songs these days, If I think I have something the producer is looking for, even if it is my Guitar/Vocal, I will send it. In the past I have had the worst of my Guitar/Vocals demoed by a demo service to make it a bit better. I still have songs I would like to have a Pro Demo made but with no place to submit to I will not go any further.

Ray E. Strode