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You can probably make a good, or better demo with any Software Program. If it is still Available there is the free Audiocy Program. Some have mentioned the Reaper Program.

I agree with this statement. You can make a good demo with Audacity (which I think is Ray's Audiocy) or Reaper. My suggestion of Logic had more to do with getting more bang for your buck over BIAB.

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I have had requests for more songs from my Guitar/Vocal. So the song has to be something an Artist wants or the best demo in the world won't sell it. Geronimo!

I don't doubt that, a guitar/vocal or a piano/vocal will always be more ideal than listening to a pre-made type thing like BIAB. And Ray, you're equally as guilty for using BIAB or something like it - at least for the example song you gave on another thread about not letting a star having writing credit.

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Especially today, without great sound you are nothing. Nobody will listen and nobody will consider you.

A demo can be likened to education.

A bachelors degree is today's high school diploma

A great recording today is what a demo used to be.

Having a great representation of your song will always help sell it. Computer recording has given everyone the possibility of making a great sounding demo and/or a professional recording.

My own personal feeling on a demo is this: if you're going to shop a song - leave as much out of the arrangement as possible; i.e. do only a guitar/vocal or piano/vocal.

Any time you start adding more than that to a demo, you're going to shoot yourself in the foot. Because you're competing against producers who can run circles around your stock BIAB demos.

All that being typed, I have done some submissions to some artists, when I have been called to. In those instances, I had to record the song as close to a fully produced product at possible. It was required. And its because if the artist wanted the song, they'd just swap out the temp vocal with their own vocal, do a new mix of the track and off the races it goes.

There isn't a hard set rule about what really qualifies as a demo, but stock sounds from BIAB are not likely it.

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