I wouldn't waste any money on a demo. Either learn to play and find others who can to and record something live with personality and style, or pay someone to do it and watch your money go up in smoke for nothing. Because, as we've all said a million times, unless you are ASKED to pitch personally by someone who is a decision maker in the room, the rest is a waste of time. Even if their "decision" power only goes from you to a "yes, this can eat 4 minutes of the final decision makers time without costing me my job" type of power. You HAVE to have an in, or you HAVE to already be an artist/songwriter in demand. The best way to be in demand is to create something FOR REAL, using either your talent or a band you construct (or a brilliant studio pro doing pop/electronic/rap/R&B etc. style that can be ALL samples, drum machines and programmed music with a show stopping vocalist. If you don't have all of the above on your side, just make some damn music for yourself, your local friends/family and if you can impress them all enough to ask their friends/families to check out your stuff or better still come out to a club some night to hear you perform live, then do that. That is where it STARTS. You can also just play live into a camera and create a youtube channel (or another social media platform) and start building content that attracts repeat business... you can pull anyone in by a clever title alone.. but you better deliver SOMETHING when they show up or you'll be done. Most people making music are NOT making music worthy of people's time to listen to it. Over the years I have had SOOOOO many people BEG me to listen to their work and though I have had enough juice to get material to a handful of successful artists over the years (and have done just that one several occasions) I rarely hear anything worthy of anyone's time, let alone a company that would have to spend a million dollars just to CONSIDER doing something serious with you. The opportunities are so limited and the time of decision makers cannot be wasted EVER or people get fired or they simply get forgotten immediately and for good. It's cutthroat, it is unfair across the board, you'll be met with every level of prejudice from actual malicious identity politics stuff to simply because they don't like the shirt you wore in the room. You have to eat a lot of s^it even on a good day and that is IF you have the goods and that almost NEVER is true. People who have the goods have proven it in the trenches a hundred times over. They have filled rooms with paying customers who anxiously awaited your appearance and want a piece of you when the show is over. People who have "IT" were often born with it, not because they deserved it, it just IS. And if you DON'T have it, you can't fake it. And you can't fake anyone out either. I know many people who qualify as having "IT" but who STILL fail usually due to their own inability to do the work, take the time, preparation and complete single minded focus to make it. It is only the rare case of having both. Exceptions? People who get in the door because they are part of, or highly connected TO the ruling elite class. For super attractive women and gay men, they can use sex to get in the door sometimes. Otherwise, you have to BRING IT which means you have to HAVE IT first, then you have to WORK IT until you can MAKE IT. And today, you can look forward to a FRACTION of financial gain of previous eras. If you sign a deal, the money you get upfront is usually the last money you will make from your music directly with only a tiny number of exceptions.

Want a reality check? Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dJQdF7cvbU&list=LLlABkig0jxlPHR5gVTHvrLw&index=2&t=0s

That's just one of a hundred videos I could give you. It's a bunch of Rap artists talking truth about becoming an artist and signing that "deal." "But I am a songwriter" you say. Well, if the TALENT gets screwed this bad, imagine how at the mercy of massive corporations you are as just the writer, one of millions and millions and millions of others when every artist and label has a century worth of songs already written by themselves or their people meaning they keep the money so why are you wasting their time? Brutal doesn't even begin to describe it.

Make music to please yourself. If you have enough talent to do that, you are blessed and should revel in it. 99.9% of people do not have that ability. If you can also move your friends and family, BONUS. In truth, if your music speaks universal truths to people in a way that is original, unique or extremely pleasing, you will find an audience even if it is via this message board. Keep getting better and pleasing yourself because music is telling yourself the truth that you need to hear but your mind knows you aren't quite getting it so your mind tricks you by producing a piece of art to tell you the truth about yourself. If you can do that, others will respond. Even if you do it with BIAB or on a guitar and scratchy vocal on your porch or via some program on your computer. UNIVERSAL TRUTHS are key. First you have to respond to yourself. It is easy to lie to yourself, but you're still smart enough to react when you start telling the truth. When you start saying something meaningful and in the most meaningful way you can. You won't become famous unless you have "IT" but you CAN have a satisfying life with your music and even have the respect and admiration of a good number of others in a niche you invent around YOU. That's what I suggest people focus on. Most will ignore this hard earned advice and that puts you into the teeth of the beast. Good luck with that.

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