NS, it really amounts to this:

He or she thinks it can, he or she thinks it can't

Play me a song that uses biab, it won't be anybody in the know

It might be Joe Schmoe win an indie cut, or with a placement in a documentary

Some of my own stuff has been used by people. One song was used in a college visual thesis, by a friend of a friend etc, on bullying

Another was touted for a PowerPoint presentation on unemployment of all things

And just recently an old one re surfaced when a buddy asked to use it in one of his financial podcasts, he just wanted the music as a intro and seque

But I do not believe for one minute that my recordings are good enough for anything beyond that. I was reluctant to use them just in that stuff.

I'm like u sure u want this? Why not use some cheap music online which is royalty free.

I have known for a long time that my weakest link is not being able to blow out recordings like some of my contemporaries.

I have made some good starts, and bought some gear, I even had biab a while back and just did not like how it sounded.

I record right now just to hear how it might sound

It's not even the gear as much as it is having expertise in using it, and having people who are going to play to YOUR music, not a software.

Id rather have 4 guys playing live, and recording live, than tracking everything myself and faking my way through bass, piano, drums, etc

It's not a concept of good enough, it needs to be great to compete

Complete crap will sound better and appeal to people better than a great song played with an out of tune guitar and a bad singer

Don't take this as a, oh u guys can't do it like me, I don't claim to have anything close to radio ready

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