My thread was created with a sincere desire to help BIAB users make the best possible demos they can, using the software, not to have a debate about "whether BIAB can generate professional sounding recordings." That is your private debate.

But many folks use BIAB here, and I wanted to give them some ideas on how to get the most out of the software. I'm sorry if that is somehow not okay with you!

But I must address some faulty logic of yours. You say, "But if recording live instruments with it, why not just use live instruments instead of it?" You think this is sound logic? How is that so different than saying "your left leg works fine, why not just put your full weight on your right leg instead of using a cane?" The cane is a tool to help handicapped folks walk better. Walking is the goal. BIAB, loops, and virtual instruments (like Mac and Mark K use--I do too, more than BIAB) are tools that help folks who aren't multi-instrumentalists and have no access OR DESIRE to record with bands or other competent musicians to have a way to get a full demo. I can think of a hundred reasons, off the bat, why a musician who uses SOME live instruments does not just go ahead and use ALL live instruments, but supplements the live instruments with tracks created by other means, such as virtual instruments, samples and loops. Perhaps your inability to "see this" like I can is a failure of your imagination?

BIAB is like having a musicians union with hundreds of musicians who specialize in different styles of music, all on your desktop. There are literally tens of thousands of hours of real performances by respectable studio musicians therein, some of them well known like John Jarvis and Brent Mason, and the BIAB engine insures that each performance generated by the BIAB algorithms are unique, overall. And tweaking them further insures complete, unadultarated compositional and sonic uniqueness, and they sonically sound great. You think the performances themselves are aesthetically akin to elevator music, and that's fine. I am not here to try and sway you off of how you feel or debate aesthetics, but only asking that you allow that others feel differently, okay?

BIAB is just another tool in the musician's tool box, but I get it, you have strong feelings about certain tools, and I can live with that. We have a difference of opinion, but I really don't have the time to go down any rabbit-hole with this. I expect you will have more to say, but please excuse me if I have no more time to engage with you on this, Bugsey. No offense. smile

EDIT: Hey! we agree about best sounding recording (Peter Gabriel - So)..that's something. smile


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