It's partly a matter of whether they can hear it and partly whether they can pitch it. A publisher pitching to Tim McGraw's producer at a meeting knows he has a far better chance with a $1000 demo of an uptempo southern rock song than a g/v of the same song.

I don't have a lot of contacts but the ones I have are quality. You need the expensive demo. The only alternatives are to kiss Music Row ass until you have the personal emails of artists and producers OR you're invited to write with the artists. I'll bet MAB would say the same thing except he would call it "networking".

That's gonna take a whole lotta time and money. If you have that much time and money, why do you need the royalties from a hit? With YouTube etc, royalties are down, esp with five fricken people on the credits of one of those crap songs.

Tin Pan Alley is over. No radio song written by "pros" in 2019 will be as good as Up on the Roof. Unless you love the "game" of Nashville, New York, LA or Austin, just be happy where you're
at. If you consistently post strong material on the internet, word will spread. And you won't be forced to tweet PC nonsense to keep the press writing positive reviews of your latest "very personal" album.

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