You know, no one is saying that you "CAN'T" do passable demos with Band in a Box. You can. Plenty do. Many studios use samples and other effects in their recordings. Much of all that depends on who is DOING the producing. Just like you could hand a really crappy, out of tune, strings six inches off the frets, beat up guitar, to Eric Clapton, and he probably could make it sound like a million bucks.

The difference in demos (I don't even like that word any more, because we really don't do "demos" anymore. We do "RECORDINGS" because over half the things we record end up on web sites, CD's, downloads, and thousands of other applications.) are the PLAYERS. If you have someone really good, know their stuff, have a good command of the PERFORMANCE as well as the TECHNICAL aspect, they can be a great asset.

But believe me, there IS a difference. And what you have to understand is a couple of things. First of all, your songs are NEVER listened to in a vacuum. They are never listening to just ONE song. They are listening to hundreds and thousands of songs in a daily fashion. Anyone that listens to songs also have their favorite writers, favorite singers (there are reasons people that actually get "cuts" often use the same players and singers over and over again. They work.

So is using BIAB a liability? Nope. It is a legitimate way to get your songs recorded and you have to use whatever tools are at your disposal and your budget. And your application.

For myself and most of the people in this town, we use certain players and processes for a reason. As a matter of fact, I am an hour away from going to a pre-production charting session at a studio, for tomorrow's session. We are doing one of my songs and two of a client from Australia. On my song, it is something that took me about 15 years to write, and I want the best production and players I can get because it means that much to me. We use live players because the feel and direction of a live session can't be replicated. The sounds may be similar, but the feel can never be replaced.

If you have something that works for you, by all means do that. But do understand there are other elements to consider. Good luck in whatever you do.


By the way, the Australian guy is doing the instruments in Nashville was a Band in the Box user. Until he did his first session here. Since then he has recorded all his tracks here because he wants an "authentic approach" to his music. He still uses Band in a Box on his work tapes. Then does the "real recordings" using a studio here, and then doing his vocals with the artists he works with, in Aussie land.

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