Thanks, Mike:

I'll be checking Melodyne Editor (up to v 2.0.1) at one of the big box stores in Ft. Worth next time "the Boss" lets me out of the Kennel... LOL! I always prefer to have the entire package, box, cd, instruction pamphlet (if included) and verify it will run on my "stand-alone" system under XP. Looking on-line, it appears to cost about $99 bucks but they are not clear about which Windows OS is required, etc.

I've been tardy about letting you know the entire album's worth of demos of my songs you did for me are on my ShowCaseYourMusic Page 'cause they've been "down" for at least two days. (Finally came back up this morning... so maybe some of our folks "sitting on the fence" about that demo will be able to determine your versatility and complete set of skills.) My current plan is to leave the page "as is" for at least three more weeks, then I'll decide if I'm going to "submerge" for a while.

Thanks for all you do to encourage and support folks at JPF. I remember the initial contact with you about making a demo for me... and from that point forward... it has been smooth sailing. There is something really rewarding to hear how someone else will Perform (and in your case, Produce) one's original song. I'm still collecting candidates for the next batch I plan to send your way.

Regards, ----Dave