That's a rational approach Sue. People need to REMEMBER why they are making music. The only right answer is because they can't NOT make music. If you could stop, you should stop. Find something more productive to do and leave making music to those people who are driven no matter what they face. It is so unlikely to lead to real money, especially if (as an artist) you are over 25. That is already too old for 99% of any opportunities as an artist. It's just reality. That doesn't mean someone older can't make a great living working hard, gigging and choosing your actions carefully and with well earned wisdom, but if you hope someone ELSE will hear you and help you, it is highly unlikely today that they will help you if you are more than 25. Even, in truth, if you are over 23. At that point, you'll have to go he hard way, on your own, busting your ass and forcing your way into relevancy. Sure, there are people who break through short term due to a gimmick.. a video, something viral etc. but straight up making it just based on your music and having someone discover you and spend millions in dollars and in equity trade (favors, reputation, the whole deal) is not happening once you are old enough to be a competent parent. Frankly the best thing you could do for the world at that age is to start having healthy children with a spouse and teaching them to be good people will values and morality and empathy for others and common sense with a competent work ethic. Few people are doing that anymore. And as you go through those experiences (i.e. real life which doesn't place yourself as the most and only important thing in your life) then you might have someone WORTH writing about.

But I digress. Don't spend money on a demo that you can't afford to lose outright. If it is your hobby and you have cash to burn, spend it how you want. I would suggest finding a young talented artists, help develop their career in exchange for them performing and fronting your writing. That is what I would do. Hell, I might even do that when I retire from this.


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