Before I forget... let me first welcome Jane K to JPF:

You picked an interesting and somewhat adversarial post to begin your participation here... (chuckling a bit...) and I hope it won't make you think we are "at each other's throats constantly" at Brian's Website. If you are a music fan or music creator, slide over to the MP3 Forum (down the main page) and you can hear song-posts by other JPF participants... or post your own if you can provide a link to another website or legal storage outlet.

Wow! Guys and Gals:

I don't use BIAB but have made use of the services of BIAB Artists and they sound pretty good to me. My method is different and works fine for me... but... as I have often said: "If you can create a song or melody with a Kazoo and it "goes viral"... more power to you." The method of creation pales in comparison to the final product which first had to be "roughed out" on an instrument of some description... and, if a song, decently vocalized after a great lyric was scribbled down on paper, papyrus or stone tablets! The "Final Product" had better be practically air-worthy or cause immediate rapture in high places if it is going to enter the fray to compete for the charts.

Sadly, little of the above matters because there are too many of us creating "white noise" and the ears in Nashville, LA, NYC, Sheboygan or Atlanta are confused to the point of not wanting to hear anymore. Besides, the interns tend to do what they are told and the good stuff (those with free passes past the gate guards) goes straight to the ivory tower for worship or rejection. Terrible odds. You should all "give up" immediately... leaving the field for me alone!

Later, ----Dave from West Mayberry