@ Vicarn, terrible songs can be made to sound great with the right recordings and production, and instrumentation. People with biab can't do that. It will make a terrible song even worse. Though I agree it takes a team to make a great record.

@ Iggy,

“Is band in a box is a tool to record professional track with?” Professional/radio ready No!, Demo yes. BIAB helps those who don’t have the money, talent or resources sound much better.

Thats the honest answer I was looking for. Somehow it gets taken as an attack saying this, and a rebuttal begins
I agree with everything you said EXCEPT this:
"BIAB in the hands of a skilled musician will give you results that are fantastic."

it has nothing to do with skilled musicianship, because you are not playing anything.

Id say it's more like "in the hands of somebody with good ears, and computer savvy" it can make some nice recordings.

For me, as a guitar player, I dont like how it sounds, thats not to say that people dont get good sounding demos with it.

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