WOW! I should not have started reading this thread while sitting in my wheelchair. Now I am motion sick! My head is spinning! What a learning experience this thread has been for me, as I am in the category Cheyenne cited (the average Wannabe Writer has not got much idea about Production, certainly not to a Record Release Standard). I am a wordsmith. I am a lyricist. I can listen to a beat and rhythm and conjure storylines with words to match the timing and mood, but when it comes to contracts, production, mixing, mastering, post-production, manufacturing, cover art, ISBN, copyrighting, marketing, and distribution, I am clueless and must rely on the professional members of my producer's team (musicians, engineers, and Bernie Grundman mastering, and Lansdowne-Winston-Bloor-Hoffman House publishing).

If I hadn't had a good demo to showcase my storytelling with professional music to back the stories (done in a pro-studio with $$$ provided by a toy company), I would have no audience now beyond my children and grandchildren (the best audience anyway). My demo, done professionally, was impressive enough to excite a producer so much, he was willing to do it all at his own expense (considerable indeed). We have done four albums together. He will not release anything not done to Record Release Standards. Every sound must meet his uncompromising standards that have been honed from over 50 years as a professional musician. Music he has done for movies, television, producing, recording and engineering for other performers has placed him in contact with professionals in all parts of creation and the business end of the music industry. I just hopped on for the ride, my words being my ticket for the adventure.

This site is gives me more than my own experience can afford me. The knowledge and expertise in this collective body cover more than any one person can glean by themselves in a lifetime. Thank you all.