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Then again, all recorded music is no longer acoustic/ live music. All recorded music has to route through different playback devices (amplification and speakers).

Moral of the story... "if it sounds good, it is good".

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Yeah Ive been known to say that as well. One thing though, what sounds good is also a matter of debate, When my folks were around, nothing I could play myself or my albums SOUNDED good to them. It was always ahh God damn turn down that noise........

If u go on home recording forums, there will be rigid debates as to what sounds good and what doesnt.... we cant win!

I believe that you are missing the point.

If the Rolling Stones did not sound good to your parents, that is not at issue. Not their kind of music. That's personal preference. This thread to me, is about whether or not a listener likes a recording that is their tastes.

For example, A hypothetical recording artist may hear a demo made at home with BIAB et al and it may sound good enough to be in contention for his next album. It may also sound good enough for consideration by his producer.

But then, you tell them..."that was done on a home computer with band in a box."
And they reply..."Throw it out then. We only want the real thang demos."

Not likely. "If it sounds good, it is good."
And getting better all the time.

I agree with all you said, but one thing you may be missing is the internet effect. The internet has created more amateur writers, recording artists, recording engineers, critics, politicians, sportscasters, healtcare pros, experts than any other time in history. You'd be amazed at how many production nerds comment on professionally released albums, and say "Oh my Goodness, what were they thinking on that reverb..or that is the lamest sounding guitar I have ever heard. And we know about the common auto tune complaints.

And we also cant dismiss that the majority of people WONT like any song, no matter how much money was pumped into the production or not. There are hit records that have 100 or more tracks to them, meticulously layered and processed. And still MOST people will say "Oh man I HATE this song....."

Your point about a listener saying "this is band In a box" so throw it out, is not the right argument. People dont know who recorded what, whats a sample, what isnt, whos using auto tune and who isnt, who is tripling the vocal and who isnt....all they know is a wall of sound that their ear tries to sort out for a pleasing experience.

They dont know band in a box is making it sound less exciting to them, they just know it doesnt sound exciting to them. Thats not to say they will say "Oh gosh this sounds terrible, they wont, cause it doesnt sound terrible. But play a band in a box demo, and then play a hit song off the radio back to back. If it cant compete, then it wont compete

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