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Jody, seems like you're always expecting a wise crack outta me, lol

I was serious, I have never worked on a Mac even in office settings

I have heard in the past that macs are better for recording than pc, I just wasn't sure if a Mac required Any learning curve, maybe by now they are all compatible

I'm just looking to sound as good as I would paying for a really good recording

Nah, I was trying to decipher your text, it didn't quite make complete sense. But I believe I got the gist of it.

A computer is only a tool. Some people are die hard Windows users, some are die hard Mac OS users. Personally, I've been on the Mac side, but only due to it working the way I like it to. Meaning, I want the computer to get out of my way and just be a tool. Yes, Logic only runs on Macs.

I know too many Windows users that have had constant tech work to get their machines to run as smooth. I do know some composer guys that run military grade Windows machines and swear by them.

At this point, I'm guessing that they both run about the same and neither require tons of tech time. But I could be wrong.

To sound as good as paying someone else that knows what they're doing will take time. Time to get good at engineering audio, editing audio, mixing audio, etc.

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