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It's not crap, Cheyenne. It's fact with few exceptions. Unless you can email Kenny Chesney's producer your guitar/vocal living room demo, you need to fork over a grand. I've heard plenty of demos of hit Nashville songs and they were indistinguishable from the final cuts. They even tailor the demo singer to the artist they intend to pitch to. That's what discouraged me about Music Row, the expense. Hell, the songs themselves were nothing special at all. You need to kiss serious ass and pay through the ass on top of that. For a born dissenter with shallow pockets, that ain't for me.

Some love the Music Row system and good for them. But if you don't fit in, don't despair. The money isn't what it used to be and if you don't crave the validation, you don't need the headache.

The world has changed. There is no reason to fork over a grand unless you have a grand to waste and you like what you get for the money. A great demo is not getting you anywhere unless you already have the connections you need to get a decision maker to WANT to hear your song and WANT to help you based on your already established relationship. They are not helping strangers no matter how amazing your song is. If you truly have something great, they will just take your idea, rewrite it and put it on in their own name and life goes on. People need to stop wasting their money on stuff that really didn't work much even decades ago and is a joke today.

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