I find it a little amusing, a little sad, highly ironic, and a total learning experience..this thread..

My intention was clearly to help folks use BIAB (and Melodyne) better, so as to become better at producing songs themselves. I think that is self-evident in every post I made.

First I saw it morph into an attack on the software itself, which was unfair, since I was basically saying to the folks who already use the software, "here's how to use it better."

And now it seems more focused on whether it's worth it to pay for demos or not..

And from where I sit, whether or not people who do what I do are doing something worth paying for.

Okay dokey..

AS I said a learning experience..

I've learned that indeed, no good deed goes unpunished..and moreover, once you put something "out there" into the hands of the public, it's really no longer yours, and whatever benign intentions you may have had, don't really matter.

Carry on, as you were, but I'm out..

I do believe, though, that "hope" is a rather un-quantifiable thing that is being left out of the equation, out of this last round of thought. We all need some solid form of it. Making something, creating something tangible like a good recording of a song is always on the plus side of hope.


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-The Divine Comedy (Neil Hannon)
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