If 'standing out' is the issue, BIAB is still not the problem, just another tool in the musicians' toolbox. Perhaps a lack of creativity in how to create a sound recording that stands out is the problem. Getting five guys playing "live" in a studio is no insurance for "standing out," either. And then, you may stand out, but it might still be "crap." Standing-out is no insurance against bad music.

Advanced BIAB users know how to cross-fade multiple tracks and get resultant tracks that nobody else can, or pitch shift a performance in Melodyne getting resultant performances no one else can.

But I also think in most pop music that is OUTSIDE of the "experimental" label, a VERY high percentage of what you are hearing has all been done before (anyway) and you are hearing the aural equivalant of musicians standing on the shoulders of other musicians.

But it's that small percentage of DIFFERENCE that can make a song unique, that can make a song stand out. That difference should be the most salient part of the recording.

Just my opinion..


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