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I've seen people lap up and buy some pretty poor quality music just because the song spoke to them or they liked the artist. The industry has pushed the quality of the production so high just to get the sale on the production alone that the quality of the song, the lyrics, the story, means little. The idea of songs, at least in some genre, is to tell a story or idea that people can relate to. The song says what the listener is thinking but can't verbalize in their own words. That's why love songs are popular, or use to be popular, it says what the audience feels but can't say for what ever reason. Most people are not poets. Many people, especially men, are reserved or shy about telling their mates how they love them, but they will request a love song (or sing a love song, if they can sing) for their mates that conveys the message that they want to say. Love still exist (I hope) but not so much in many songs today. It is more about drug, alcohol, partying and one night stand sex, and of course fast cars and pickup trucks. It's all about production, the sound, not the message, keep polishing the turd till the turd is not even noticed. The music becomes the message.

It's like the lowly potato, most young people will not want potatoes to eat unless it is deep fried, battered, spiced, chipped, curled, wedged, flavoured, etc etc. It is still potato but all the other things make it more attractive, not more nutritious or healthy(probably less so) but it is what "sells" the consumer on eating it.

To me, if a song speaks to somebody, it's good. There are songs out there that I have no idea why I like them. I love the song "pretty in pink", not my style, not anything I would pay money to go and see, but some reason that song speaks to me on some level. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nu0sYQRECkY

One of my favorite Doors songs is "Love Street" of all the great songs they have, that one gets to me somehow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pldftoUbM80
Theres a ton of songs that I hear on the radio that I cant turn off, even though Im not more than a casual fan. Ozzies Crazy Train is one, that frickin harmony on "Going off the rails" gets me every time. One of the whimpiest songs ever I love is called Truly Madly Deeply, by Savage Garden. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQnAxOQxQIU

Im almost embarrassed to admit some of the songs I like, but I cant deny they hooked me in some way. Im usually embarrassed to tell people my favorite Doors song is Love Street, i just think its a phenomenal melody and Jim just sells the whole song with his crooning.

You know, sometimes its the lyric, sometimes its one line, sometimes its the story, sometimes its melody, sometimes its the groove. Sometimes it's the musicality, the instrumentation, guitar hooks and guitar solos, sometimes, its the energy...enter any ramone's song. Often times its the singers voice. I listen to Tom Pettys "Wake Up Time" one time I listened in headphones half asleep, I swore the guy was talking to me personally. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AtcYvOz2vc

I think when you're a band or artist, you have more ways to capture an audience, as a writer, you have melody and lyric.

Today alot of the music is computer driven, and im sure the stuff has been tested and it works. You cant call it bad per se, its done for a different reason

oh yeah another favorite song I have that I dont admit often is Roxy Musics More Than This.... Absolutely killer, but dont tell no one...


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