As far as not doing demos anymore , thats one persons view point

Publishers still exist , and thats the only way they can get their new songs

heard ;

Country Writers who know what they are doing , just use nothing more than

Lead Vocal , a Drummer, A Bass player, and a Keyboard player, at the most,

some writers can do all that themselves;

At the start of any song a writer needs to do a rough demo just piano and

vocal or guitar and vocal. without that How can he or she know where

the song needs Re Writes?

Yes the above is ( for most here) ---- (The Bleeding Obvious) to coin a phrase

spoken many a time by John Cleese of Monty Python Fame.

I believe I can hear a hit , with just vocal and guitar.

All this rubbish about your song needs to be Radio Ready is complete Crap

Why? because the average Pro Writer let alone Wannabe Writer has not got

much idea about Production, certainly not to a Record Release Standard

The worst thing about Digital Recording is the reproduction of the Human Voice

Thats why its not a bad idea to mix Analog Vocals with Digital Backing .

Vinyl is coming back thank God , There is still a big market for C D s,

Streaming quite frankly is diabolic , especially in Countries with large

rural areas where they are using ancient phone lines , and there are

many of these

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One of the most important principles of songwriting is to remember that a good song is a partnership of many different components, all working together to produce a satisfying musical experience.

In that respect, song components are either enhancing or compromising their combined effects.