Hi, I don't find raising the question if a software is effective for pro recordings to be negative, I'm sorry if it's taken that way.

It's also helpful to steer people towards better possibilities, if possible.

It seems money changes perspectives. There is no doubt that biab is probably the best pre made arrangement piece for the money. And the instruments sound pretty good. But when people complain about not denting the music scene, it never dawns on them that the music they produce may not be on par with others, and that may be the reason, it might not be the only reason, but it's one.

We all agree it's a tool. The question is how good the tool is.

There are hundred dollar tools, thousand dollar tools, tens of thousand dollar tools, and upwards.

I think the few hundred bucks invested is fine, and can be lots of fun. I bought the basic kit about 7-8 years ago, and tried to convince myself it was the best thing I could do.

It's not software snobbery, I love ez drummer, for drums I can do just about anything with it my imgaination can think up. But that's drums, not chordal instruments.

There is a lack of emotion in biab, there has to be otherwise the emotions would spill over and you'd be using a heartbreaking guitar solo, over your happy vocal etc. it's vagueness is what makes biab work in so many applications.

I just question the pro calibreness of it.

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