I agree Barry, it's much smarter to invest in many recordings...buying some good stuff, than buying one recording of a song, (when nobody asked for it in the first place)

Yeah Jody, per Ray's point. That is what Im really talking about. A daw is a daw..(of course of course), what matters is what's being recorded by the daw.  It's more about how do you get a great arrangement and sound from the instruments used

That's where your Logic Pro idea might come into play

I feel I got Guitar and Drums covered...with EZdrummer which I really like.

But I dont think there is any reason for demos any more because so few artists record songwriters songs anymore, and a major cut is about as likely as getting struck by lightning twice...on the same night!  A demo is nice I guess for playing it to yourself or friends.

It's now more like recording is to showcase your capabilities as a writer, producer, and/or performer.

Maybe you get a placement here or there, or just doing it for the art of it, or record your own album, which is on my bucket list.

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