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I find it a little amusing, a little sad, highly ironic, and a total learning experience..this thread..

My intention was clearly to help folks use BIAB (and Melodyne) better, so as to become better at producing songs themselves. I think that is self-evident in every post I made.

First I saw it morph into an attack on the software itself, which was unfair, since I was basically saying to the folks who already use the software, "here's how to use it better."

And now it seems more focused on whether it's worth it to pay for demos or not..

And from where I sit, whether or not people who do what I do are doing something worth paying for.

Okay dokey..

AS I said a learning experience..

I've learned that indeed, no good deed goes unpunished..and moreover, once you put something "out there" into the hands of the public, it's really no longer yours, and whatever benign intentions you may have had, don't really matter.

Carry on, as you were, but I'm out..

I do believe, though, that "hope" is a rather un-quantifiable thing that is being left out of the equation, out of this last round of thought. We all need some solid form of it. Making something, creating something tangible like a good recording of a song is always on the plus side of hope.


By the way Mike, I regret (mea culpa) that I did NOT first thank you and celebrate your contribution on this post. It was an outstanding, straight forward explanation in great detail. It was a credit to you and all the educators who have come before and will come first, and I am sorry to have helped diverge it off the rails, but I am SOOO incensed when people are convinced spending 1K of money they usually don't have to start with thinking an unproven song will suddenly be heard by decision makers and change their career trajectory. BIAB is absolutely fine to get your ideas down in a listenable form and I think doing so is both fun and satisfying. More power to anyone doing so, please do not stop. Just please people.. don't waste money on expensive demos. It is a dead end. If you only write lyrics, and you WANT some type of success you have to do the work FIRST to put yourself in position for success. It means meeting people, forming a band (even if you don't play, you can be the lyricists, van driver and gear hauler if needed). You can supply a place for rehearsals. You CAN find a way to get people to work with and it is a BLAST! I don't care how old you are, how young, or anything in between. But it takes that much effort at least to do something FOR REAL. All the BIAB demos in the world will not make you a commercial success.. that is not how it works. It isn't because of BIAB being good, bad or otherwise. It's because that isn't WORK on the level of finding success in the music business. What is it? It's fun for sure. It's a release. It's PRACTICE. It's a way to let a band HEAR your idea in musical form. It will make a demo for what "demo" originally meant. To show someone a new, but not yet finished, song. For a band to learn. For fun. For friends and family. That's a lot. But with today's "business" it doesn't work as it used to. It used to be fine to get just about ANY version of a song down to convey your idea to decision makers. That is no longer true. The reason? It is CHEAP AND EASY to record great sounding REAL music (with the caveat that many genres use samples and keyboard players to input the entire music bed and add vocalists into cpu processors and make them sound like anything they want on a simple decent modern laptop and a few programs a bit more complicated than BIAB). With the bar SOOOO very low to produce professional sounding music, the market is beyond saturated. FOREVER.
In all of the remaining time on earth we don't need any more songs.. we will not run out of songs to fill the airwaves for many millennia. .And every year going forward, we'll add another 1000 years of music to the pile that always grows with all previous music being squashed underneath.

That was my point. But it does not refute or discredit BIAB and it certainly should not have ignored Mike's work, effort and contribution.


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