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Um Sorry Jody,
Wouldja run that by me one more time. What, pray tell does a Music Software Program have to do with granting or not granting an Artist part of a song? I don't have or use a Music Software Program to make demos. As I explained to Ronnie Dean, on another Board, gosh I hope I got that right, In a Nutshell I use a Tascam Cassette recorder with my 2 $6.60 dollar dynamic Microphones I bought in the Far East in the early 60's and my Trusty Martin, or other Guitar to record a basic demo. From there I can transfer the tape recording to a disc with my Sony Stand Alone CD Recorder of which I bought a few years ago. No longer sold as far as I can tell. As I understand it, A music Software Program is used to make demos but could be used and some do it to make a Recording to release for sale. Heehaw.

Show me where I wrote that using audio recording software has anything to do with granting an Artist part of a song. You need to re-read what I wrote.

I listened to the example song you gave in that other thread. I wrote that it sounds as if it was recorded using BIAB or something like it. You're saying otherwise. End of story.

** Oddly enough you edited the post, took out the direct mention of one of your songs and the website: http://www.geocities.ws/fiverosesmusicgroup/ray/This%20Heart%20Belongs%20To%20Me.mp3 "This Heart Belongs To Me".

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I use gas powered recording gear. I send my vocals down a flight of piping so that the vocals have more power on a downward trajectory, and gravity can provide a natural compression.

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