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All computers have an initial cost. Macs range anywhere from about $900 (for MacBooks) upwards to $4,000+ (for Mac Pros). My MacBook Pro was roughly $2000 for a 15" 2 years ago - still going strong running latest OS & software upgrades. It is my mobile rig, and is my live guitar rig. My studio machine (Mac Pro) was $4,400 - also running smooth latest OS & Software and able to do major productions of over 130+ tracks at an extremely low 32 sample buffer rate. Most people would never need that type of power for recording, especially not for demos.

That being typed, please don't continue the whole PCs are cheaper thing, until you do a part for part comparison. Generally all Macs will cost the same or, at worst, slightly more than a PC with the same parts/specs. Sometimes they're actually cheaper than an equivalently parted/spec'd PC. And most Macs often have a much lower cost of ownership over the life of the machine.

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That sounds like a good idea, but won't I first know how to use a Mac?

I'm guessing you meant to ask, won't I first need to know how to use a Mac. Otherwise you're saying you already know how to use a Mac.

All computers tend to work the same way:

1. Power on.
2. Boot up.
3. Launch software.
4. Work.
5. Get some lunch.
6. Work some more.
7. Save work.
8. Quit software.
9. Shut down computer.
10. Power off.

Pretty sure they all tend to do that. Most modern OS's all work the same way. Right? Though often now, one doesn't need to power computers on and off unless they need to install software.

My point was that for the cost you can go with BIAB barebones application, or you could get professional grade recording software for the same price as a bare bones version of BIAB. Oh, and Logic software upgrades - free.

Where did I bring PCs into this? You chose to do that, not me. That argument has zero to do with my comments.

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