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Marc, that is the point. Nashville just wants to stick their singer into the mix and sell it as is.

They dont want idea demos, or this could be great with...this and that demos.

They want finished product.

No way no how a famous singer like Carrie Underwood or Jason Aldean is going to just sing over your biab tracks. It won't happen

We all agree you can make good demos, so far, I'm the only one who believes that asking a 200 dollar software package to replace tens of thousands of dollars of recording gear is asking too much

I'll change my stance if yiu show me a professional release that uses biab

By the time a Carrie Underwood or Jason Aldean got to the stages where they got deals they WERE doing full up sessions. When they were doing work tapes on earlier things, they might have used something like that. Maybe home studios, or "WORKING" toward their actual recordings.

But again, everyone has to do what works FOR THEM and what is on their BUDGET. To respond to the original post of "can people do "demos" on BIAB. They can and do. But once it reaches a higher level, such is in major pitches or radio ready, it's best to up the level.