I am guessing that it's a cumulative number of various incarnations of Artistdirect and I'd bet that a large chunk of those numbers aren't even valid and the artists included aren't even aware they are on the site. I see defunct Artists direct pages coming up in searches all the time for folks and the pages are rarely if ever current. It's the same thing Garageband did when it changed hands.. most people in their artist counts aren't aware they're even on the site which they signed up for many years ago and haven't visited in ages.

Artist direct hasn't ever done a positive thing for the grassroots community that I am aware of. They can make all the claims they want. If you have that much money you'd think they'd be a little more present in the day to day lives with the community. Compare that to CD Baby with less than a fraction of their claimed members. Everyone knows them and most are directly connected to someone who has benefited from them. Hardly applies to ubl.. it's all smoke and mirrors in my opinion.


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