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Michael, keep updating the main section on this post and then I will update the overall pinned post at the top of the forum. Just let me know when we need to update it. (Not for every little change.. just after there's been significant updates).

Ok Brian, here's the update:
Currently we have 25 primary categories running from "Booking Assistance" down to "Search Engines" with a total of about 150 listings entered.

In the last week I've been able to do quit a bit of "fine tuning" to clarify each unique category. A week ago we had about 21 categories, but since then we've added several more to accomodate some potentially helpful and relevant resources. In the process a few things got "shuffled" around, but I like the way it's taking shape. Any input or specific suggestions will always be helpful!

If you like, you can update this overall post sometime tommorow, which will be February 1st. From then on you can choose to update either weekly or monthly as needed. The main thing is that we SAVE our master list because we've got a lot of input, thought and hours into it so far, so we'd hate to lose anything. I suggest both of us copy and back up the list [source code] from time to time. That way we are double backed-up and double safe in case anything happens. I'm creating a "fresh" backup copy today!


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