Yea Brian, I think that'd be great!
The more of these community "partner" connections you have, the better for everyone! Ultimately it brings more choices for all of us artists while also "spreading" the costs of running this huge organization among a number of cool service providers. Rather than depending on only three major sponsors, you could have potentially dozens "bread & butter" sponsors, thereby keeping the cost down to something very reasonable like "x" amount per month or year for the basic program.

Obviously not every business out there will spend $200 per month on every program that comes along, but maybe they can afford that much per year for a highly visible and effective program such as you could provide them here on JPF. That could work out to less than $20/month (or whatever...) which should attract a lot of interested business services.

Regarding the recording studio price ranges, you could show from 1 to 3 dollar signs which designate something like this:

Price range legend:
$ = Basic concept demos for a quick start. Prices will range up to $200 per project.

$$ = Standard demos for affordable "radio ready" results. Perfect for backups or pitching your better material. Prices will range from $200 up to $600 per project depending on your needs.

$$$ = Delux demos and productions, when you need to go first class. Perfect for "high-profile" pitching, CD cuts and commercial level licensing and broadcast material. Prices will range from about $600 - $999 per project depending on your exact needs.

My price ranges are only suggested, so of course you/we can "tweak" them to reflect actual current market pricing. I hope this makes it clear to buyers and sellers while also keeping it simple! smile


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