Thanks for the suggestion!
I also found some more info about VST on Wikipedia:

VST means "Virtual Studio Technology". Of course not everyone knows (or remembers) that, except maybe those that already have it. It would go under this category:
Recording Software (recording, editing, production, etc.)

Currently we have 11 equipment companies listed in this category, so I don't know when "enough" will be enough. The list could go and on so how do we determine where to draw the line and stop?
Perhaps only the top 10 or 20 in the world? And who decides which these "top 20" will be? I'm sure most of them have comparable products and most of that kind of equipment can also be found on our category for:
Musical Instruments & Supply Retailers

Most retail shops like Guitar Center and Sam Ash now carry these kinds of items and can also get them on special order if they don't keep them in stock. More importantly, they usually offer purchase and installation advice as well as demos for artists to test and preview at the store, so that would be a good place for novices to get started. smile


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