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the new version of this message board allows for a pay pal function (i.e. pay to use certain or all areas of the boards). I am not sure if we'll use it.. but it has possibilities for some things... like special lessons or something where we can charge something to raise some much needed money for our upgrades.

Excellent idea!
JPF needs something besides "hats and T-shirts" to help support such a huge organization. I know you also take donations and on occasion special "donation drives" to help pay for one-time costs such as happened last year for this board upgrade.

If you could offer some badly needed services right from this site for a reasonable "per use" fee, it would fit right in with everything you/we are already doing to help musicians and songwriters with their learning and career goals.

You mentioned "special lessons", so to add to that, here's a few more ideas:
1. Expert consulting - this could include things like technical, marketing or legal advice, etc.
2. Professional advice - can include feedback on lyrics, melody, composition, songwriting, demos and performance, etc.

I'm sure we could think of a few more!

The idea would be to collect a fee for each unique service order which gets paid to the JPF "expert" service provider. Of course JPF would keep a percentage for administering these services. The percentage could range anywhere from 10% to 15% or whatever you can work out with the various consultants and service providers.
In some cases, service providers might offer JPF to keep a larger share (e.g. 50%) or if they wish they can also contribute the full amount of one (or more) of their consulting jobs.

This could give JPF a steady stream of monthly income while giving JPF members (musicians & songwriters) some great resources and personalized service for their various needs. It also gives professional mentors, consultants and specialized service providers an outlet to promote and practice their skills. In essence, it would work like a "curated" marketplace to bring experts together with various JPF members to fullfill their needs.

Just kicking some ideas around!

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