Today I was checking into UBL (Ultimate Band List) at
Strange that no one has mentioned it yet, or maybe I missed it, so I added to our list under "Musician Web Hosting" for further consideration. They claim to have about 500,000 artists on their site.
Basically they offer 3 plans, Free, Gold and Platinum.

Here's some links to learn more:
Their Platinum plan:

The Platinum plan is pretty much the "full deal" which includes
* Web Domain Hosting (
* Upload Unlimited .MP3s
* Upload Unlimited Photos
for $20.83/month for the one year plan. They also allow you to sell digital downloads and physical products, so it appears that your ecommerce store is completely built in.

Personally I've never tried or used it, but I'm wondering if any JPF members have ever used it and how much they like it, etc. Please post if you've heard of this service or if you or any of your friends have ever subsribed to it or have any other reports about it.


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