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I think the prices are too low. More likely $200 and under for inexpensive. 600 and under for moderately expensive. And over 600 dollars for very expensive. I'd never suggest anyone spend over $1000 dollars for a demo or even a finished master these days. There's just too many less expensive options. The exception would be if you wanted a large number of live musicians, then the prices obviously could go up. (like an orchestra etc.)


This is VERY accurate and makes complete sense for online work, perfect..

Glad you see having hundreds or thousands of listings for choices is a bad idea. One reason is endorsement. The more you open up the more crap you let fly in, the more nonsense you have. Stand behind a few places with complete confidence and thorough knowledge mixed with experience. Then little by little your list can grow.

When people start complaining about the services we list here AND THEY WILL that's life, think about people in stores... could you imagine trying to defend or stand behind hundreds or thousands of sites we came across and endorsed.

You want to be able to be relaxed and assured whatever problem anyone has it is 99% guaranteed to be fixed and resolved, and know that it was not the fault of the Service probably just a customer who could not be satisfied even if George Martin produced there song smile
You do not want bad experiences to reflect upon your organization. Basically we should know all the worms in the can that we've opened. lol This being the more non industry lesser known ones of course.

When the times right I would be happy & without bias to check out other demo/music services for JPF. They fly through our boards year after year and I have checked them all out. Decent deals or Schemes, or whatever, they can't fool this New Yorker lol..
I know how it works inside out sideways and backwards. Mike D knows as well.
Of all the services recording is one of the touchiest and troublesome. Only song plugging and legal services to the industry would be worse.

I know you guys know I try to give all I can here on the boards by helping it's members in many ways, if I get my health back even half way to normal I will build up work again, this time enough to make a fair deal and monetary contributions to the JPF on s regular basis.
Any place that makes business from here should do something for the organization
in any way they can. If it's less personal efforts than it should be more financial efforts or both.

Again unbiassed, If I was only here to make money I would have been gone a long long time ago. I know it sounds really sappy but I care about so many people here and I won't allow anyone to hurt them. smile

I'll let you guys get back to it, dont mind me I'm like 80% pure emotion! smile

Great work you guys! thanks for all you're doing.

Peace Mike

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