I got this email today from RadioIndy.com
Here's their pitch:
Date: 2/25/2008
Dear Michael Borges,

We recently checked out your new CDBaby release Overflowing Cup. Now that it is available online, let RadioIndy help you promote it, with the following new release promotion special:
- Get plays and featured on Radioindy.com (over 1 million page views/month);
- Get a review of your CD published to the following sites as your music becomes available: CDBaby, MySpace, Blogger, RadioIndy; Rhapsody, YahooMusic, PayPlay, Jambase, and Squidoo;
- Get your CD review in our monthly e-newsletters:
1000 different registered listeners every month;
100 different radio stations every month; and
100 different industry executives every month

- Get a press release about your new CD published
- Get featured on our appropriate local page
- Get additional onging benefts as a Super-Featured Artist, giving you maximum promotion / exposure on our site and radio stations.

All this for only $49.95 (limited time offer) for 3 months of promotion, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For more information on this outstanding opportunity, simply click here. (http://www.radioindy.com/cd_newrelease.html)

Whatever you decide, best of luck with your new CD.

Manny and Greg
Co-founders, RadioIndy.com

I don't know anything about them, but maybe they've posted a few times on the CD Baby "talk back" news forum. Please ask around and let me know what you guys think. Any experience with them, good or bad, will be helpful before we add this resource to our list under Music Promotion Sites.

Thanks everyone!

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