Hi Folks,

We have some folks who want to help us develop our site a bit more. As we discuss possibilities, I'd like to put together a list of key services for the musician and songwriters needs.

For example:

CD Distribution (aka CD Baby)
Digital Distribution (aka CD Baby)
Independent A&R (aka TAXI)
Site Song Storage, Downloads and Sales (aka Soundclick)
Booking Assistance Tools (aka Sonic Bids)
CD/DVD Manufacturing (aka Disc Makers)
Political Representation (aka Future of Music Coalition)
Internet Radio/Streaming Broadcast (aka Pandora)
Music Licensing Sites (aka Audiosparx)
Education Resources (aka SongU)
Information Resources (aka Muses Muse)
Music Retailer (aka Musicians Friend)
Music Demo Company (aka Session Players)
Musician Website Hosting (aka Hostbaby)
Public Networking Sites (aka MySpace)
Books and misc (aka Amazon)
Music Organizations (aka Just Plain Folks)
Search Engines (Google)
OnLine Copyright Registration (Library of Congress)
Local Chapter Networks (NSAI)
Music News and Press Releases (Mi2N)
Music Promotion Sites (Music Submit)
Music Marketing Info (Bob Baker)

You get the drift. What I want is to find more of these types of services and example companies of the best you know that do that thing.

This project will also involve our volunteers to help discover multiple quality examples of each segment. I need this info pretty quickly.. so now I leave it up to all of you.

Email me at jpfolkspro@aol.com if you want to keep it private, or post your responses on the Mentor Message Board here.

Thanks in Advance!


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