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smile didn't see your note, Michael...
You have much of what I have....but I have some additions....
will email you.

Thanks Kaley!
Ok, I'll look for your email, but if possible please post any additional suggestions right here on this topic. If you know of any other volunteers (official or not), please encourage them to drop by here to view our list and then help fill in the "blanks" for any services or categories we may have missed or that need additional listings, etc.

As suggested above, I'm now asking folks to post up to 3 recommendations (per person) according to these...

Resource suggestion guidlines:
1. Check to make sure your suggestions are NOT already on our master list as shown above.

2. Suggest a product, service or organization that you've recently used and/or have had some positive or meaningful experience with; even if just by word-of-mouth or because you'd be very interested in using such service/tool as soon as you might need it.

3. Please be sure to include: suggested CATEGORY, official product or service TITLE and complete URL.

4. If possible, please include a brief discription (one or two sentences) of any positive experience or success with your suggested listing. Note: If you list more than one suggestion for the same category, please list in alphabetical order for easy copy & pasting, thanks! wink

5. Optional: If a listing is already included, please feel free to post a brief description of any positive info or experience you've already had with that resource.

Quality control:
If there are any products, services or tools currently listed which you believe are bad or negative (i.e. evil or scammy), please post your experience and reason for wanting us to consider removing such listing. Keep in mind that not all services/tools are alike and even the BEST services may not meet every artist's needs depending on their level of skills, focus or goals, etc.

Let's continue!
Please invite your fellow members and songwriter friends to drop by and review our list. I'd like to see many more JPF members (10 - 100+) stop by and suggest more services/tools to add to our list. I think we have a great start but this is NOT a "one-man show" or project. We're all in this together and Brian, Kaley and I need everyone's input so we can build the best possible resource list to help our community.


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