Well.. this is still stage 1. Stage 2 will be sending teams of volunteers to check out the web and the sites themselves and come up with plusses and minuses. Since in a majority of the cases here, we don't have official lines of dialog or proven histories with many of these folks so we should collective look into each. We want to be able to recommend these resources to newbies and veterans alike and know we aren't sending them down the wrong path as best we can (obviously it's impossible to know 100% how a company will turn out, but we should make a sincere effort to check them out BEFORE partnering with or endorsing them). In addition, if we find that no companies really do it "right" or good enough for our tastes, we'll put thought into whether or not we could do that task on behalf of our members directly. We have some tech partners who are open to good ideas and business models and love the work we are doing. If we can't partner with someone great, then maybe we can do it ourselves and cut out the middle company and help fund JPF's free programs at the same time.


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