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Brian and Michael... Because of folks Like Sub and Mike D...,
I wondered if we should include demo
studios.....at various price ranges, knowing that not every
one can afford a higher priced studio? Gator Hole also comes to mind.

Ok, might work, but it would only make sense to sub-divide by price range if we had a fairly large (or growing) quantity of listings with a built-in search & sort mechanism.

For example, if we only have 2 or 3 listings, there's not enough data to bother sorting from lowest to highest price range, but if we have dozens or hundreds of listings, a "search & sort" system would be the best way to go.

Ideally the listings would be contained in an online database with an admin. control panel to add, edit and/or delete the various listing entries. On the "front end" it will be easy for buyers/musicians to search and sort the listings. For example, they can search by country, state, city, zip code and also search/sort by service price range.

I don't have the knowlege (yet) to set this up, but it would probably involve some PHP with MySQL database. Once set up it would be fairly easy for one of us (Brian or volunteer) to administer and maintain.


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