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Stevens119 posted this great link this morning over on Songwriter's Forum.... Is it something we'd like to include?


Hi Kaley!
Yes, I'm aware of this one and I think it's a good one!
They've been around since 1895, that's over 112 years!

I think this would be a great resource for at least several reasons:
1. For songwriters what want to check out various publishers in the process of trying to place or "shop" their music.
2. For musicians (vocalists or instrumentalists) that need publisher's contact info for licensing and usage clearance, etc.
3. For indie publishers that may consider joining the MPA and getting their publishing company listed their, not to mention the various specialized resources the MPA may offer it's member publishers.

It should probably go under Music Organizations, since it's an "association" and might also have a non-profit status.


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