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Hey Michael,
In regard to the $$$$ standard, it's my understanding that the Sydney Symphony Orchestra is available for hire, basic cost $10,000 per day plus extras.

Do you think we should list them? I'm sure we could have a whip around for the next big project that comes up.
cheers, niteshift

Yo Geoff!
$10,000 per day is one thing, but the real quesiton is, "how many days will a typical recording take"? wink

So, are you serious about adding the "SSO" to our list?
Is this resource for "plain folks" or more for the "rich & famous"? grin

I'm starting to wonder how L O N G this list could get if we try to include every major city and town band and symphony orchestra that wants to offer their recording services. It could be done, but might require a special format which should probably be managed from an online database. (IMHO)

Nothing added yet, just thinking about our options.

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