Could I suggest a structured approach that also assisted in the process of using the links possibly like the one below.
Sorry I did post this on another forum on jpfolks.

1. Build your team
1.1 Secure legal representative (Music or entertainment experience, Build rapport and ensure trust)
1.2 Secure accountant (Music or entertainment experience, Preferably local)

2. Document song including copyright notice.

3. Record song as professionally as your equipment will allow.

4. Engage in constructive criticism

5.Get it out there.
5.1 Seeking someone else to record and publish it.
5.1.2 Local talent quests
5.1.3 Pound the pavement

5.2 Seeking someone to record you and publish it.
5.2.2 Local talent quests
5.2.3 Engage publisist to help

5.3 Seeking to record yourself and publish through independant label.
5.3.1 indie
5.3.2 iTunes
5.3.3 etc...

6.Receive interest in the song
6.1 Receive copy of contract
6.2 Have legal representative check contract
6.3 Sign contract

7.Join royalty collection agency
7.1 BMI (US)
7.2 SESAC (US)
7.3 ASCAP (US)
7.4 APRA/AMCOS (Australia)



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