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Longevity is one key issue. I want to make sure that everyone understands that the links being compliled here are NOT being endorsed by us at this time. We're in the very first stage of a process that will first identify the leading options in various categories (or at least the ones we (meaning the team of volunteers) are most aware of) and then once we have a core of resources to start with, we'll next move on to learning about (or in some cases where others are familiar, getting myself up to speed) and then deciding if those folks are people we want to talk to about working together or in other cases that there's a need for a better solution that perhaps we can fill ourselves.

Getting back to longevity, I certainly think that is important, but not solely the reason to support or decline support to a given resource. Interestingly enough, to date, ALL of our current community partners have not only been around a long time, but they're also leading their fields in what they do. (CD Baby, TAXI, Disc Makers (with a nod to Oasis who are also great folks), Muses Muse, Song U and the Future of Music Coalition. We've been very fortunate to have chosen the right people to associate ourselves with to date. But we think the time might be right to open ourselves up to some new folks, some new models and services (because there's no longevity to be found in many new areas of services and resources) and because we want to expand the services and programs we can offer and since we're 100%, we need some partners who can offer financial support to help keep things like the music awards and roadtrips going and who in turn will benefit from our support and efforts to educate our members about who they are and what they do, especially in the case of a new service or model that can't rely on a long and trusted reputation to win folks over.

We already have one company in mind to bring into the fold which is doing something realitively new and seems to be low risk and big return in nature for the community. Hopefully when we move forward it will lead to some additional new partners. JPF has grown so large and demanding that it's clear we need the right partners to keep growing and to also improve the things we're already doing. So although we're not endorsing the lists of links and resources above, our hope is to pick 1 or 2 partners to work with going forward, OR, in lieu of that, we hope to form our own solution to the needs of our members in that area.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled compilation of resources.


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