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Hi Michael there was a thread I posted a while back called useful freebie programs. Folk posted quite a few comments and suggestions as to what software and programs to use. Maybe worth taking a look if you have a minute. I'm sure some should be added to your list.

Hello Big Jim!
Ok, sounds like it could fit with our current "Recording Software (recording, editing, production, etc.)" category. If you would, please review the best suggestions from that post and list them here. You know where the post is (I don't) and you're already familiar with the discussions, so I'll ask that you to bring back a summary and post your recommendations here. cool

If we get a lot of software that's outside of the "recording, editing and production" scope, we could try adding a more general software category, for example: "Musician's Software" or "Software Resources for Musicians" or something like that.

Thanks for offering any assistance!

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