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Hello Everybody,
My name name is Phil Dalmolin from San Antonio Texas, I've been playing drums for over 30 years and with some of the top names in country music.

Real drums that are played by a musician and support the music in your song is what's needed. If you produce your own music in your own home studio, go check out my website.
Happy recording!

Hello Phil,
Ok, your service has been added. Thanks for dropping in and posting a "straight forward" message about your service. Maybe on your next post you can give us a quick intro about your price range (or packages, etc.) and what your normal procedure and turn-around time is.

Please keep in mind that though you've been added to our list, it is only a temporary "work sheet" to gather a variety of considered listings. Later we'll have a team of JPF folks (founder, researchers & volunteers) decide on the most appropriate and reputable services to work with. Meanwhile, thanks again for your interest and participation on these boards and perhaps with the nearest JPF chapter in your area.


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