Thanks for the specific examples guys... please continue to add more.

Our idea is to do 1 of 3 things:

1. Partner with the best of the best in a particular niche

2. If we don't think there is someone we want to partner with, then we may just do it ourselves.

3. If we determine it's just not something we want to get in the middle of, we'll do nothing. = )

I still don't forsee us charging a member fee. Instead, we might offer a slate of services as a separate thing. I want to keep JPF free for all. (Just Plain Free if you will..) But adding a slew of services ala carte all in one place with one single interface for musicians is what I have in mind. We have no interest in competing with our friends who do great work, so we're hoping that they'll want to work out a mutually beneficial partnership where either we endorse and facilitate folks using their service or they share a portion of fees collected from our members or trade other in kind services for the business. We're already partnered with some of the very best in the business in their fields and I don't forsee that changing.. just perhaps becoming more focused than in the past.

So any type of service, big or small, especially those that exist on the web in some way (i.e. web site features, hosting, radio, etc.) please post and let us know. If it makes sense, we may try to incorporate it in what we're working on.


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