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...if we find that no companies really do it "right" or good enough for our tastes, we'll put thought into whether or not we could do that task on behalf of our members directly. We have some tech partners who are open to good ideas and business models and love the work we are doing. If we can't partner with someone great, then maybe we can do it ourselves and cut out the middle company and help fund JPF's free programs at the same time.

I think that would be an excellent idea, even if you end up using an smaller (edited) list or not. In other words, I bet you can find a good "mix" of both, so that a general list can be posted "courtesy" of JPF while a more specific service (or group of services) can be offered directly through JPF!

It would really make sense if you can work with a few willing "tech partners" with the right kind of business models.

From a entrepreneurial perspective, in the end it really comes down to developing the right "business model" to fit the right service and marketing needs. This is a priority that should lead any technical or even financial considerations. Having the right biz plan usually wins the day. smile


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