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Michael B,

Can you put all these together by category and then find all the examples you can for each? (This is basically what I needed for that project we discussed).

So we'd have the category and then as many good examples as you can find:

CD Manufacturers

Disc Makers: www.discmakers.com
Oasis CD Duplication: www.oasiscdduplication.com
etc. etc.

I don't think we'd need more than say the top 4-5 of each category (unless there was a specific reason to have more).

If anyone else wants to help Michael out, please let him know. Also, Kaley Willow offered to help with this project as well I think Michael.. send her a note and you can split it up to get it done quicker. I can use this info in a conference call I am having with our tech development friends. We're really looking at a broad based umbrella for all these services and companies.


Ok, just got back here today, but makes sense to sort these by category! I'll get it started and then post here (or wherever you want to "pin" it) and then I can edit and tweak as needed, or you can copy and paste to another place so you can give it a final "format".

I'll get on this within the next day or two and post back!


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