Hey Janice,

Thanks for the kudos, but as I just said to Wy, you've all successfully forced my hand to present a RESOLUTION. Last night, vague seemed good...in the light of day, it is a cop-out.

I need to decide why she still went ahead with the marriage, based on what she apparently had already experienced with him, and then what does she do, once it finally hits home that he isnt' going to change.

Thank you for getting me to think about this...

As for music, believe it or not, I hear nothing. A bit of a problem for a future Grammy Award winner, eh? (LOL!!!) But honestly, because I come from the prose background, I rarely tend to think about a given piece of accompanying music...though based on the general story-telling format, it's probably be country? Dunno....

Ciao for now,



"Fill what's empty, empty what's full, and scratch where it itches."