Hey Stan!

Glad you stopped by for a little look-see, and that you like how this baby opens so far....

SWIMMING was a perhaps too thinly veiled reference to the Big Fish in the Little Pond....what kind of fish would he be NOW? Of course, that opens up a whole new "HOOK" (hee hee, about the fish).

Working on that bouquet business, with Wy's help. As for the realism factor, that's why I had posed in my initial post the concern about the time-line. Maybe I should push things back, toss in a kid and a dog or two, and see where we land. That of course would help me lean towards staying...unless she's prepared to take off with her little guppies and puppies on her own....

Still much to do, hope to get back to it tonight. Having just slept the day away, I suspect I'll be up... tired

Gotta get the gal off the bus and prepped for DANCE....

over and out!!



"Fill what's empty, empty what's full, and scratch where it itches."