Hey all,

I agree the time line is what's making this more challenging. I haven't written it out yet, but I think I'm leaning towards pushing it way out -- as in, 10-15 years later. Three years after that dare, they'd still be together because he was THE guy to be with...she'd probably still be on a high for having nabbed him...and even after graduation, they'd both still be caught up in the post college excitement...

Again, maybe that's a spot where I could tuck in the "She should've known better"...than to marry him, but once again was blinded by what she thought he WAS and necessarily how that reflected on her. I still can't decide if I want her to be strong or weak or maybe just "older and wiser"...I think I'm leaning towards the latter...as in she found out too late that life as Mrs. BMOC wasn't all that it was cracked up to be (HMMMM...that does have a certain RHYMING quality....).

Back later, just wanted to pop in and acknowledge the recent posts....now it's kid/bed prep time, so tune in later, hope to have more for you!! If anyone else has other thoughts, feel free to chime in!




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