You'll have to forgive me this morning, Wy...I've had to resort to TEA..

Anyhow, it appears you and Janice both have found the cracks in the structure -- whhich I'm glad about, actually, because I wasn't sure how to resolve them...

About the DREAD vs. HOPE bouquet. I think this is the critical yet still TBD Turning Point Word of the piece. Ultimately, it will foreshadow the resolution -- does she suck it up and stay ("she shouldn've known better") or does she have the cajones to leave?

If I go the "hope" route, I very much like your version....then I'll just have to tweak a bit more in the bridge.

Regarding "lotion", it was a bit of a forced rhyme, but it was also a way to demonstrate that he could do things for her on his own initiative.

Still lots to do....thanks Wy!


"Fill what's empty, empty what's full, and scratch where it itches."